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Exterior of ARK Hills Sengokuyama Residence(photograph taken in August, 2012)

The main image was that of 
a single f lower blooming 
atop verdant hills.

I envisioned the unique culture which would bloom from this residence in my architectural design. The site is at Roppongi, an area with an international ambience but also a residential area. So I designed a smooth curve at the upper layers which tapered off as it neared the apex, intending for a gentle expression in harmony with the existing townscape.
César Pelli
Born in Argentina in 1926, Cesar Pelli designed UN City in Vienna and the U.S. Embassy in Japan, among other projects; in 1972, he became Dean of the Yale University School of Architecture and founded Cesar Pelli and Associates. In 1995 the American Institute of Architects (AIA) awarded him the 1995 Gold Medal, which recognizes a lifetime of distinguished achievement. Pelli is known for his designs of high-rise buildings, including the New Terminal of Washington National Airport, the NTT Shinjuku Headquarters, and Petronas Towers in Malaysia.
Representative work:Atago Green Hills (photograph taken in 2001)
Representative work:Goldman Sachs Tower (photograph taken in 2008)