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Spatial design akin to a museum of modern art.

For this latest Mori Building Co., Ltd. residence, we aimed to create a spatial design comparable to a museum of modern art. The exhibition of true art in a public space allows familiarity with art to grow in everyday life, which could expand to shared interests and enjoyment among residents. We have strived to create a space with this kind of cultured quality. We hope this residence will help to further develop the cultural environment and introduce spatial design that can enhance the cultural value of the city.
Kanji Ueki
Casappo & Associates Co.Ltd. CEO
 Founder of Casappo & Associates. Ueki works include the IBM office in Makuhari (1991), the REBAR CROWN DEPARTMENT in Taipei (1996) and Seoul City Club (1998). Recent projects include the development and expansion of Apple Computer Retail Stores across the USA (2001-2003) and the collaborative work with Yoshio Taniguchi for The Museum of Modern Art. In recent years, he has been awarded the Industrial Design Excellence Awards Gold Medal (2003) for the Apple Computer Retail Store project, and the BEST STORE OF THE YEAR in 2004 for TOUCH.
Representative work:Tokyo Club(photograph taken in 2006)
Representative work:Park Axis Aoyama 1-chome Tower(photograph taken in 2005)