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An area vividly colored by seasonal changes and a multicultural scene.

The American embassy*1, Spanish embassy*2, Swedish embassy*3 – a multicultural scene is located here with the surrounding embassies. 
 Also, a few minute walk takes you to numerous cultural facilities and art scenes, such as the Suntory Hall*4 and Sen-oku Hakuko kan*5. 
 Always invigorating the local residents, there are also other aspects which cultivates global sensibility, such as the members-only Tokyo American Club*6.

*1 EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES (approx. 410m from site) *2 Embassy of Spain (approx. 160m from site) *3 EMBASSY OF SWEDEN (approx. 90m from site)
*4 SUNTORY HALL (approx. 310m from site) *5 Sen-oku Hakuko kan (approx. 100m from site) *6 Tokyo American Club (approx. 790m from site)


1. street of cherry blossoms. 2. SUNTORY HALL (approx. 310m from site・now on reconstruction)
3. Hotel Okura Main Building (approx. 390m from site) 4. Sen-oku Hakuko kan (approx. 100m from site) 5. Shiroyama Ryokudo (approx. 50m from site)